What Is a Sales Funnel | How to Build a Sales Funnel Tutorial

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to build a sales funnel like a pro! Please, support us and hit that ‘Like’ button.

📚 Books (Free, just cover a small shipping fee)
Marketing Fundamentals for Beginners: https://bit.ly/2Bmalm9
Advanced Marketing Strategies https://bit.ly/2MmE1Sv
Generate Unlimited Traffic https://bit.ly/2LfRvPl

🛠️ Tools
Best landing page & email marketing software: https://bit.ly/3eqRy8y

0:00 Sales Funnels 101
03:06 How Sales Funnels Work
12:57 The Key to a Successful Sales Funnel
21:54 Squeeze Page Basics
28:04 Traffic
37:48 Your Freebie
45:07 Getting Your Low and Mid-range Priced Products Right
55:37 High Priced Products: Where You Start to Make Serious Money
1:04:35 Higher Priced Products and Services – Smaller Numbers, Bigger Money
1:11:12 The Expensive End of The Funnel

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