Quick Guide to Starting a Podcast from A to Z

A podcast is a series of spoken audio files that are recorded, uploaded and distributed via the internet. The content is published in episodic installments, which are usually episodes.

Podcasts were originally broadcast on radio, but now they can be on just about any computing device with an Internet connection. They provide an opportunity for listeners to hear information like news, comedy shows and documentaries at their own convenience.

The most popular podcasts use speech-based storytelling or conversation between both hosts and listeners to create the story with the intention of providing something entertaining or informative over time.

How To Host Your Own Podcast – The Basic Steps for Anyone!

Starting your own podcast has never been easier. All you need is a good idea, some equipment, and a space to record.

The Basic Steps:

1) Decide on a topic and topic name:

2) Find equipment:

3) Find space for recording:

4) Recording and production:

5) Editing and publishing episodes:

How to Optimize Your Podcast for Rankings and SEO

It is always a good practice to optimize the title and description of your podcast on iTunes. The better you optimize your podcast, the more likely it is that listeners will find your content.

The title should be short, descriptive and easy to understand so as not to mislead or disappoint potential listeners.

The description should also be short and informative for those who are yet to listen to the episode. It should provide enough information for listeners so as not to confuse them with too many details or make them think that they need more time than they actually do for listening to the episode.

How To Monetize Your Podcast – 4 Ways To Make Money With It!

1. Sell Your Own Audio Files or Recordings

2. Sell Advertising Space

3. Sell Products

4. Get Sponsorships

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