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  • Development and Implementation of Healthy Meals

    Development and Implementation of Healthy Meals


    In June of 2022, the USDA launched the Food System Transformation framework which aims to build a more resilient food supply chain, create a fairer food system, and make nutritious food more accessible and affordable for consumers, with a particular focus on equity. Under this RFA, the School Food System Transformation Challenge Sub-Grant Cooperative Agreement will reflect FNS’ commitment to encourage the offering of healthier food products in the marketplace for school meals through engagement with the food industry and incentivizing innovation and partnerships. Increasing access to nutritious and appealing foods for kids is critical to the success of strong school meal standards. The selected Cooperator(s) will collaborate with food industry partners to support school districts, food producers, suppliers, distributors, and community partners.

  • The Apprentice School

    The Apprentice School

    For over a century, The Apprentice School has been offering students a unique blend of education and full-time work across diverse shipbuilding disciplines. Based in Virginia, this school doesn’t charge tuition fees. Instead, students receive an hourly wage along with benefits. Typically lasting four to five years, these apprenticeships culminate in graduates earning a certificate and an associate of applied science degree specific to their trade.