Okay, there is no true step-by-step guide to starting a business online. However their are basic tools you need in order to build the foundation for any business online.

In more detail. We maximize GDI’s referral program for every member that joins GDI through any of the links located on this site. How? By placing our members referral links throughout this one site and focusing all our traffic and marketing on this one site we generate referrals for them which generates income for them and income for us.

What is Global Domains International?

Global Domains International is a web hosting company no different that GoDaddy, BlueHost, Domains.com, HostMonster, or HostGator . However unlike GoDaddy, BlueHost, Domains.com, HostMonster, or HostGator Global Domains International has an amazing referral program.

What does SimpleEasyFree do?

  • We generate referrals for you. Every member that joins here on SimpleEasyFree.com your referral link is added to our random link generator which helps generate referrals for all our members. Because you are less like to quit if you are making money .
  • I pay for traffic and marketing. Why? Because by doing this I generate referrals for members of our team through their referral links posted on my site and if you are making money I’m making money. Also you are less likely to quit if you are making money.

If you decide to join Global Domains International from this site using any of the links provided I will be notified and your referral link will be automatically added into our random link generator.

If you decide not to you will never here from us again we do not do follow up call, messaging, or spam your inbox.

True nothing is free. We make our income from ad revenue. So if you find the information we provide useful all we ask is that you share, like, or tweet us out.

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