Google Certifications and How to Get Them for Free

Google offers a variety of certification programs that are designed to provide knowledge and skills that will help you use Google products more effectively. Some of the certifications are free, while others are paid for.

The Google Certification Program is a way for you to validate your knowledge on Google products, the latest industry trends, and best practices. The types of certifications offered range from introductory-level to advanced-level courses so there is something for everyone.

Why You Should Get a Google Certification

Google certifications are continuing to grow in popularity, not just with IT professionals but also with marketers, advertisers and business professionals.

The reason for this is because Google certification holders are specialists in search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketing, web design, and analytics. A certification means that one has put in the time necessary to become an expert on SEO best practices; it means that one has the skillset to perform tasks like generating new website content or ranking websites on Google.

How to Get Google Certificates for Free?

There are a number of ways in which you can get Google certificates for free. The first way is by applying for a scholarship. Google provides scholarships and in-kind grants to individuals and organizations in the field of technology where you can get up to $10,000 worth of Google Cloud products and services.

The second way is by completing the Google certification exams when they are offered free of charge to everyone worldwide. For example, when you attend App Academy’s immersive course, you will gain access to these exams so that you can earn your Certified Associate Cloud Engineer certification at no cost.

The third way is by attending one of the Global Summit events that Google organizes or sponsors every year where there are many freebies and giveaways like Chromebooks and other technology products from different vendors including Dell and more.

The Benefits of Google Certifications

Google offers a variety of certifications that can help professionals take their careers to the next level.

Google certifications are an important way for professionals to give their skills and expertise greater visibility, credibility, and reach.

Certification can also help professionals advance in their careers, acquire new skills, and develop new interests. The certification program provides a series of education courses that take place online or at various seminars or events across the world.

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