Resume Follow-up

8-Tools-and-Resources-to-Help-Your-Write-A-Winning-Resume-696x461Resume Follow-up

Following up on your resume is a key step in the job searching process, one that many people tend to forget and with today’s labor market being so competitive, job seekers just can not afford to skip this important stage. By conducting a follow up with the employer not only can you ensure they received your resume, but you bring lift back to your resume and refresh your name in their mind. You may in fact be one of the few applicants that take the time to make the call, therefore increasing your opportunity at getting an interview.

Below are some guidelines when conducting follow ups and attached is a log sheet to assist you in tracking where you have applied.

  1. Personalize your cover letter. This makes tracking your resume through the organization a lot easier.
  2. Follow up with the employer approximately 4 to 6 working days after you have sent your resume. Be polite and courteous, prepare exactly what to say to the employer ahead of time.
  3. Identify yourself and ask the employer if they have a few minutes to talk with you. Don’t simply ask if they’ve received your resume.
  4. Be patient. It sometimes takes longer that you think for a company to sort through applications. If you find that the employer has not had an opportunity to review your resume, then suggest you will call back again in a few days. Don’t forget to thank them for their time.
  5. Use this opportunity to make an impression. Ask the employer if they anticipate any openings. If so, when? Will they consider you for a future opening or would you need to reapply? Will they keep your resume on file, and if so, for how long?
  6. You can ask the employer if they have any questions for you, then be prepared to provide answers.
  7. Your goal at this point is to impress upon the employer your wealth of knowledge, vast skills and readiness for work. You are also creating the opportunity for a future interview.
  8. Graciously accept whatever response you receive. If there are no positions currently available ask the employer if you can contact them again in a month.
  9. Close by thanking the employer for their time and by asking for some advise. Ask if they could recommend anyone who might be looking for a person with your skills. This may result in a new networking opportunity.
  10. Remember to record who you sent your resume to, when you spoke with them and any other important follow up information for the future.

By following up on the progress of your resume through a company, you have provided your resume with another dimension as well as showing added initiative. By knowing the outcome of your application you can concentrate your efforts on other companies in your job search.