Checklist of Transferable Skills

sell_your_skillsChecklist of Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are skills that you can take with you from one situation to another, from one job to another. The skills below are important to employers. Which ones do you have?

  • Communicate: Speak and/or write well and get your ideas across to other easily.
  • Interpret: Look at things and make sense of them, figure out what makes things work,why there is a problem, etc.
  • Analyze: Break a problem down to see what is really going on.
  • Creativity: Use your imagination to come up with new ideas or to solve problems.
  • Order Goods/Supplies: Keep track of items and how to order them.
  • Decision Making: Make good judgements about what to do in a difficult situation, even when the supervisor is not present.
  • Adapt to Situations: Learn a new task and/or work in a different area with different co- workers.
  • Explain: Tell others why you do certain things they way you do or why you think the way you do.
  • Think Ahead: Plan your day and keep problems/accidents from happening.
  • Calculate Numbers: Use a calculator, cash register or computer to answer numerical questions.
  • Operate Equipment: Turn equipment on and off as well as how to use it safely and wisely. (If you don’t know how to operate certain things, you always ask for help.)
  • Record Data: Write thorough and accurate notes/numbers.
  • Set Goals: Set goals for yourself to achieve and plan ways to achieve them.
  • Learn Quickly: Do new things and carry out new responsibilities easily by watching other or by following instructions.
  • Confident: Believe in and feel good about yourself.
  • Pleasant: Nice person for others to talk to and be with.
  • Energetic: Lots of energy to use at work and at play.
  • Helpful: Enjoy helping people solve their problems.
  • Trustworthy: Can be trusted to get the job done, to look after things or keep secrets that are very important to other people.
  • Efficient: Perform tasks in the fastest and simplest ways that they can be done.
  • Organize: Arrange people/plan events/put things in order so that they run smoothly.
  • Delegate: Assign tasks to others to complete.
  • Assemble Products: Put things together with your hands.
  • Take Instructions: Follow instructions well, ask questions when you do not fully understand instructions.
  • Motivate Others: Help keep others’ spirits up and encourage them to do their best.
  • Service Customers: Be friendly, patient and polite with customers and try your best to service their needs/wants.
  • Dependable: Can be counted on to do what you said you would do (i.e. show up for work on time, do your job duties well, etc).
  • Flexible: Can carry out many different responsibilities, sometimes with very little advanced notice.
  • Self-assured: Feel very confident and positive about yourself and your abilities.
  • Supervise: Watch others to make sure that everything is ok and/or that they are doing their jobs well.
  • Time Management: Plan your time so that you don’t forget to do things, you’re almost always/always on time, and you know how to prioritize and give yourself enough time to do the things that you need to do.M
  • Trouble-shoot: Figure out what the problem is, why there is a problem, or prevent a problem before it happens.
  • Handle Complaints: Deal effectively with complaints made by customers or constructive criticism from your employer.
  • Listen: Listen/pay attention to what others are saying, without daydreaming or forming judgement about them.
  • Considerate: Always think about how others may feel about things, especially before you say or do things that my affect them.
  • Punctual: Always on time for things.
  • Loyal: Committed and devoted to things/people that mean a lot to you (i.e. your best friend, your job/supervisor).
  • Precise: Make sure that things are done accurately, correctly and exactly.
  • Resourceful: Thing of new, creative and different ways to do things when there are no obvious solutions available.

Your Hidden Skills

If you think you are ….. Then say this to an employer …
Too compulsive: Your friends think you’re nuts because everything in your locker is in alphabetical order. Too compulsive? I have strong organization skills and an ability to plan ahead. I always do a thorough job.
Too argumentative: You always tell people exactly what you think and feel – even if it’s about them? Too argumentative? I’m very confident and deal with issues directly. I enjoy taking on a challenge.
Too lazy: You always start essays the night before they’re due. If there’s a reason not to do something you’ll find it. Too lazy? I can work with short deadlines and under pressure.
Too loud: When you talk, people can’t help but hear you – you love being the centre of attention. Too loud? I’m enthusiastic and outgoing. I interact easily with groups.
Too stubborn: You hate to back down and don’t like to admit when you’re wrong. Too stubborn? I’m persistent. I always carry a project through to the end.
Too talkative: No one can get a word in when you’re in the conversation – you are the conversation! Too talkative? I’m articulate and enjoy public speaking. I’m persuasive and present my ideas well.
Too weird: You dance to a different beat and do things your own way. Too weird? I’m innovative and can always offer a fresh perspective. I enjoy taking the initiative.
Too indifferent: You never seem to have a strong opinion and just can’t get excited about anything. Too indifferent? I’m adaptable and can be counted on to stay calm in stressful situations.
Too sensitive: You take everything to heart. Too sensitive? I’m a caring, perceptive person with strong people skills and a desire to please others.
Too serious: Everything is important. You never seem to relax. Too serious? I’m a careful and reliable person. I’m good at considering all the options.
Too extreme: You always overreact – every event in your life seems to be out of a soap opera. Too extreme? I’m imaginative. My creativity leads to good ideas.
Too shy: Meeting new people makes you really nervous – you end up doing most things alone. Too shy? I’m self-motivated. I work well independently and need little supervision.