Learn how to write an effective resume’ using actions words, buzzwords, and transferable skills. Get access to free job training, skills training, and more…


General Resume Guidelines

Learn the basic Do’s and Don’t to resume’


Learn how to crate a powerful resume by exploring the Common Resume

Create A Resume that Sells

Using Action Words & Phrases for Resume Development. click-the-button-see-what-happens-i-dare-you


Learn how to use proper Buzzwords and Skills to Include in your Resume.

Learn what skills should you emphasize in your resume? What buzzwords catch a recruiter’s attention? You know the skills you have to offer, learn which of those skills to offer. click-the-button-see-what-happens-i-dare-you


Learn how to convert your Transferable Skills to your Resume.

Transferable skills are skills that you can take with you from one situation to another, from one job to another. Get access to a checklist of transferable skills. click-the-button-see-what-happens-i-dare-you


Learn how to deal with references

What is an employer’s goal when seeking references?  click-the-button-see-what-happens-i-dare-you


Resume Follow up

Following up on your resume is a key step in the job searching process, one that many people tend to forget and with today’s labor market being so competitive, job seekers just can not afford to skip this important stage. Learn the proper way to follow up a resume’. click-the-button-see-what-happens-i-dare-you

List of 137 Felon Friendly Employers

This list serves as a starting point for felons and ex-convicts in finding a job after leaving prison. The companies listed are known to offer jobs to felons. Get access to 137 Companies that hire felons. click-the-button-see-what-happens-i-dare-you



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