Finally, an Affiliate Program that ACTUALLY works.


I went from working long hours at a dead-end job, to traveling, going where I want to go, buying the things I want to buy.

It hasn’t all been easy. I spent years trying different affiliate programs and marketing systems and thousands of dollars buying different eBooks and memberships. I was wasting money, time, and started spiraling towards depression. Then about a year ago I found the company that changed my life…

Now I’m making over $4,000 a month every month. I’m living the life I always wanted working about 45 minutes a day running my business from my laptop, smartphone, and a wifi connection.

What is Global Domains International GDI? (See Intro Video)

Global Domains International (GDI) is one of the largest hosting providers online with one of the highest paying affiliate programs online. They have exclusive rights to the .ws domain which is becoming widely accepted and even adopted by some major brands and companies like Yahoo, BMW, UPS, Bose, Kodak, and more.


How does GDI work?

Global Domains International is a FREE to join company that pays you $1 a month per person referred to GDI  5 levels deep and a $100 BONUS for EVERY 5 new referral you get in a week Mon – Sun.

How much does it cost?

Global Domains is FREE to join so your cost today is $0.00 after 7 days GDI is only 10 bucks a month, that’s less than .35 cent a day. Cheaper than a pack of Juicy Fruit.

How can I be sure it’s not a scam?

GDI is a well established, widely respected world wide company, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We’re simply leveraging the services GDI offers to build a monthly residual income for ourselves.

How can you be sure this will work?

I was skeptical too. However their are thousands of people around the world just like me and you generating hundreds and thousands through the GDI affiliate program. Earn as little or as much as you want, work as hard or as much as you want. Use Global Domains Intentional to generate a part-time or full-time income working from anywhere in the world.

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Join our Team

Most people give up on GDI because they struggle to find an effective way to get referrals. However I’m certain you will be successful because our system is proven.

We understand that you may not have time and/ or resources to advertise the Global Domains income opportunity, so we do it for you. Our the Simple Easy Free Marketing System guarantees a minimum of 2 new referrals a week, that’s 8 referrals a month, and through the power of duplication when your members and their members join our marketing system the income potential is unlimited!

Use the income calculator to see GDI’s full potential.


What do we get out of all of it?

When you make money we make money, it makes no sense to have people in our downline if their only going to drop out because they can’t generate referrals.

So we use the full force of our advertising team and all our marketing resources to help our members and their members generate leads, referrals, and earn thousands in Commissions every month. That means when you make a $1,000 we make a $1,000.

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